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Kitchen Knives

Made from L6 band saw steel


Other blade shapes and sizes are available-inquire if interested


Prices are for handles that are made from fiddle back maple. Other woods available

are bocote, koa,ebony, bamboo, ironwood, blue/brown Pakka wood


6 blade-serrated, 11 overall, koa wood-can be plain edge $165

5 plain edge, 9 overall, maple, all around use $149

4 chef knife, 8 overall, maple $135

4 chop knife, 8 overall maple $135

6 chef knife, 10 overall, maple $169

2 paring knife, 6 overall maple $69

6 to 7 blade, fillet/carving, 11 overall $159-sheath included with this one

3 blade, paring knife, 7 inches overall $75


Band saw blade knives


The knives I make from bandsaw blades have proven to perform very well. These blades are almost a foot in width and are used in the lumber mills for cutting boards from a log. Their total length is almost 30 feet. I cut the knife blades from the bandsaw blade along the length of the bandsaw blade.


The steel is an L6 steel which is very high carbon and very tough. It can rust as any carbon steel can so some care is required in maintaining them. Any discoloration is not a problem. I clean most of this type steel with Flitz metal cleaner. They should be hand washed then dried to minimize rusting. Light applications of vegetable oil helps when stored for a while. As long as they are dried after washing they should be fine.


The cutting edge is a convex grind which will stay sharper, cut better and be easier to sharpen than other blade edges such as straight or hollow ground. Light strokes with a ceramic rod is one way to touch up the blades. Back stropping on worn sandpaper attached to a soft layer of material(ie computer mouse pads) glued onto a board is another way to sharpen. I use fine 1 x 42 inch sanding belts to dress the edge and strop the blade on leather to remove any wire edge.