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Kitchen Knives

This is a preliminary price list for kitchen knives that are becoming popular. Personally the only ones I would get in Damascus would be the paring, small chef knife or a medium butcher knife. The cost of the larger ones would be prohibitive out of Damascus-I priced them any way in case someone wants the best there is. The one marked serrated or plain out of tool steel is outstanding when serrated. These are just a few that can be made- Let me know if you want some different sizes. The carbon steel I use in these is from large thin band saw blades used in the lumber mills around my local. It is an L6 steel which makes excellent knives. The wood I use on the handles is Dymondwood. This is laminated Birch that has been veneered, dyed, and glued back together with phenolic resins under high heat and pressure. It is impervious to liquids. I also use fiddleback maple and other hardwoods such as Bocote from Mexico and ebony when available. I hate stainless steel and don’t use it.  


            Saw blade


Serrated or plain large

$135-serrated-$110 plain


Serrated or plain medium

125-serrated-$105 plain


Small Chef 4” 



Med Chef 5”    



Large Chef 6”             



Big Chef 7”     



Paring Straight           









6 Inch Fillet     



Steak Knife 4.25”        






Prices may change at any time without notice.

The knives below are examples of some of the kitchen knives- I can make any of the above as special orders. Some handle wood choices may alter the price of the knives- inquire as to what is available


6 inch all around kitchen knife-serrated blade - koa handle  


Four chop knife - maple handle  

3.5 inch paring knife – maple  handle  

4 Ό inch blade steak knife - all purpose knife-damascus  


4 inch chef