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All knives include a hand-stitched, wet formed sheath.

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Current Carbon Steel Knives






4 1/4 inch blade, 8 5/8 inches overall, bocote handle, full tang,O-1 tool steel $159




4 7/8 inch blade, 9 1/4 inches overall, O-1 tool steel zebra wood handle, full tang, brass guard $169




4 inch blade, 8 3/4 overall, ironwood handle, O-1 tool steel, full tang, serrations in front of the guard. Really feels great $159



This series of knives is intended to provide an attractive knife that has a wide range of blade shapes and desirable features. If a guard is used it is riveted on for a secure fastening. A spacer between the handle material and the tang adds bit of beauty to the handle and allows for differential expansion of the wood and metal tang. The handle is secured with brass pins.


The steel used is very similar to O-1 tool steel but has a bit more chrome in it.

This steel was purchased from Western cutlery when they went out of business. It was special made for them by steel manufacturers.


The knife is cut out of the tool steel stock and ground to rough shape. It is then heated and forged along the cutting edge to hammer pack the steel which results in a superior blade. After finishing the blade at the grinder the knife is again heated to stamp the makers logo and normalize the steel prior to hardening. The blade is then heated and quenched in oil. After cleaning off the oil residue, the blade is tempered by applying heat to the back of the blade until the proper oxidizing colors appear at the cutting edge. This allows the back to be spring hard while the cutting edge is hard, near a Rockwell 59. The blade is then final polished. The blade is a convex grind design that allows superior cutting, strength and ease of sharpening.


The sheaths for these knives are hand made and hand stitched. A welt is sewn into the edge of the sheath to protect the stitching from the cutting edge. Top grade 9-10 ounce vegetable tan leather is used in the sheaths.

These knives will rust so keep them dry after cleaning and coat with a light oil. A coat of Johnsons paste wax is also a good metal protection. If possible dont store the knife in the leather sheath for long periods. The leather will absorb moisture which will rust the blade. A coat of Vaseline when going into the field protects the blade and can be used for chapped skin and rifle protection if needed and it is edible.